The FlagShoes Story

Union Jack Canvas Low Tops with FLAGSHOES logo, great original gift ideas, superimposed on a picture of the globe

FlagShoes was born from another company, which specialises in footwear and clothing for fans of an American Football team, The Miami Dolphins. We launched that company, and attracted sneaker purchases from people all over the world, one of which got in touch and suggested the shoes would sell well in Colombia, amongst others.

It got us thinking. 

How could we make our footwear more desirable for customers all across the globe? What does every country, and people of every nation have in common? 

As big sports fans, where "FLAGS," are used extensively by fans to display their passion for their nation's national teams in all sports, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, golf, athletics, to name a few, we realised that FLAGs were that common thing.

Though we've got lots of replica shirts for different sporting teams, "shoes," and "footwear," never seemed represented?!

That's when the "EUREKA!," moment happened!

We put the two together and thought FLAG-SHOES! 

Having had previous experience with our suppliers and their processes we began work on our ©flagshoes2018 design. 

We knew that there were other shoes with some sort of "flag," decoration, but they tended to be very expensive fashion-house-designer brands of $100s or were at the other end, and just didn't look good! Whichever, the design's never really showed the "FLAG," off, which is the basis of our brand FlagShoes.

Our custom template uses the full National Flag of each country as the star of the design, and we only add colour variations to the ranges. We never "edit," the flag itself.

"FlagShoes," was born, and began trading in November 2018, promoting the great ranges of shoes and Flag designs across the world! 

Always offering FREE SHIPPING, we will be adding many more collections and products in the New Year and onwards. 

If you're part of a Fan Group, or National Organisation and would like to know more, or discuss bulk orders and/or discounts, please contact our CEO directly: including the subject line: "FLAGSHOES Bulk."

Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you'll love your FlagShoes. 

The Team @ FlagShoes Ltd. November 2018.

FlagShoes is a Limited Company. Registered in the United Kingdom - Company Number: 11653216


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